what is coffee leaf rust, it’s causes and symptoms

What is leaf rust of coffee disease? The coca leaf rust is a fungal type of disease. The leaf rust of coffee can also be known as coffee leaf blight disease. The disease is one of the most devastating disease that can wipe out a whole coffee plantation a matter of days.

The disease was first discovered around Eastern Africa in the 1960s
A transmitting method of the coffee leaf rust
The leaf rust of coffee can be transmitted through the following methods
1. Coffee leaf rust is transmitted through wind and by Rain splash

General symptoms of the effect of coffee leaf rust

the following underlisted are some of the ways we can recognise the presence and effect of the coffee leaf disease
1. You can easily see the leaf of the coffee tree turning yellow or brown spot
2. you will definitely notice the presence of orange powdery mass on the leaves of coffee. that is a sign of the infection of coffee leaf rust
3. you will notice the rapid dropping off of the leaves of coffee 

How to prevent the spread of coffee leaf rust

the underlisted are some of the following ways we can prevent the spread and attack of the coffee leaf rust
1. the former to prevent the infections and devastating effect of coffee leaf rust please plant seed from healthy plants that are not affected by this disease
2. don’t also forget to use disease resistant varieties of the coffee plant to sow farm.
3. Spray your Cocoa plantation with the proper copper fungicide since the coffee leaf rust is a fungal disease
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