Manure and fertilizer applicationManures of various types (organic or inorganic) are applied to the soil to improve plant growth, development and production. They arc applied both in the nursery and permanent plot.

Manures should be supplied in a balanced amount or at recommended dosage and forms. They should be applied at the right time and under suitable weather conditions. Manures are applied during planting or just after planting and again before flowering for a good result.

Manures must not be applied directly on the crops, but a few centimetres away from each stand. This will help to avoid burning or scorching of plants.
Methods of manure and fertilizer application have been discussed under fertility management in Unit Two of this chapter.

5. Watering

Water is an important factor in agricultural production. The amount of water available in an area determines the type and volume of crops and animals produced in the area. Water is needed by crops at early stages and during production. It is necessary for the survival and production of both plants and farm animals

In small scale production, watering cans can be used to supply water to crops. In the case of large scale production, irrigation practice is necessary especially in the dry season when the water need of crops is highest.

6. Weeding
The major problem facing farmers in crop production is weed control. Weeds constitute a nuisance to crop production. They compete with crops for space, available water and essential mineral nutrients. They reduce the quality and market value of harvested farm products. Some produce poisonous, substances that are harmful to both crops and animals on field grazing; Weeds also harbour insect pests of crops.

The control of weeds, results in high cost of production to the farmers. The presence of weeds in fish ponds
inhibits the air and light available in the pond. This reduces the productivity of the fish in the pond.

The farm should be weeded often; Depending on the type of crops grown, weeding could be twice or more before maturity. This can be done either by hoeing, hand pulling, the use of cutlass or by chemical method which involves spraying the weeds herbicides cover crops could be planted to smother weeds

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