the uses of shovel as a simple Farm tool

Uses of shovel as a simple Farm tool. The shovel as a simple farm tool looks like the spade itself but it has a long wooden handle but the blade of a shovel is hollow and broad with a rectangular around age as shown in the image below. The uses of shovel is almost the same as that of a spade except in the fact that the capacity or amount of load a spade can carry is way higher than the  So below are some of the functions of a typical shopping listed for your knowledge
It is used for lifting or transferring soil from one place to another. It is worthy of note that a typical shovel has a curved edge on the blade and enables it to hold onto large chunk of soil during transferring


It  is also used to load materials from ground-level into wheelbarrow
Typical shovel known as simple Farm tool is used for making garden paths
As a simple farm tool, it is used for leveling the ground and removing Stones or rubbish from the pathway

How to maintain the shovel for longevity

It should be stored in a dry and cool place all the time after use
The Farmer should endeavour to oil grease or paint the metal parts regularly to avoid rust
The wooden handle of it should be kept away from the attack of termite
It is very important that after use of the shovel the metal blade of it should be clean

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