What is perennial crop and types of perennial plants

what is perennial crop?

Perennial crops are crops which completes their life cycle or harvesting time period in more two years after planting. Perennial crops are mainly tree crops.
So going into plantation farming, you need a very large space or hectares of land. The land allotted for planting of perennial crops are lands reserved for no other purposes.

major characteristics of perennial crops

Perennial crops mature for harvesting after two years of planting
Anything perennial crop can be harvested for than 10 times during its life time
Most perennial crops can live beyond ten years

importance of perennial crops

The benefits or importance of perennial crops are as follows
Perennial crops serves as long term sources of income to the farmer
Crops like cocoa, orange and mango are a major source of food for families
Perennial crops are quantum source of raw materials for the industries or agro-allied industries

lists of perennial crops

The major lists of perennial crops in agricultural science are as follows
Cashes tree
Coconut tree
Mango tree
Oil palm tree
Cocoa tree
Cola nut tree
Rubber tree
Moringa plant
“dogonyaro tree” mostly found in Nigeria
Cherry tree
Ducanut tree known as “ogbono” in Nigeria

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