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problems of agricultural development

 problems of agricultural development IN NIGERIA. Many developing countries in West Africa are faced with numerous problems which militate against the development of agriculture. Despite having about 60-75% of their labour force in agriculture, West Africa countries cannot meet their domestic food requirements. There has been a decline in the contribution of agriculture to the …

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strategies of industrialization

strategies of industrialization, Many strategies have been adopted by the government aimed at achieving industrial development in  Nigeria. These strategies include:, Import-substitution strategy: The import-substitution strategy involves deliberate attempt by government aimed at encouraging the growth of industries within the country which produce goods and services which would otherwise have been imported strategies of industrialization …

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Industrial growth, problems and solution

industrial growth, problems of industrial growth in west Africa and solution The following factors hinder, limit or are responsible for the relatively low level of industrial growth and development in West Africa. shortage of raw materials: Lack of sufficient raw materials available to industries hinders large scale production.  Insufficient capital: Access to finance or loan …

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