Spade as a simple Farm tool

Spade and functions of a spade as a farm tool. Spade can be described as a simple Farm implement that has a long wooden handle and broad metal blade
Generally a spade and a shovel looks almost the same. The edge, I mean the metal blade is sharp so that he can easily be driven into the soil when digging soil. . Although it is a simple Farm tool used locally for farming activity but it is not very rare to see spade use in most farms in African peasant farming system.  \"spade

Even when making ridges or beds and subsistence agriculture they do not use shovel or speed in most cases but they use hoe. So the uses and functions of a spade is outlined below

Functions of a spade

Food is generally known as a simple Farm tool used for lifting soil and completely turned over
This implement call spade is also used for leveling of soil
This period is typically used for digging holes during transplanting operation in the farm
Spade as a simple Farm tool is used for mixing cement concrete for farm structures
A typical spade is also used for making gutters.
It is very functional in the activities of the farm operation because it is also used for digging Picks for bearing glasses or other rubbish in the farm
Another function of this farm tool which we overlook is the use of it for clearing grasses in weeding activities
This is also used for making trenches around the farm

How to maintain a spade to prolong its usefulness

To prolong the service power or activity of the spade then it should be stored in a dry and cool place
In Spain during storage should be kept away from rain and termite the reason for keeping it away from termite is to avoid those termites eating the wooden handle
Make sure that the sharp edges or the metal blade of a speed is sharpened regularly

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