cultural practices in the propagation of yam

<h1> in the propagation of yam</h1>
Here are a list of that can be carried out during yam propagation
Mulching as a cultural practice in yam propagation:
This is the covering of the heaps or ridges with dry leaves to reduce soil temperature, conserve soil moisture and prevent rotting of yam setts.

Regular weeding is a cultural practice in propagation of yam :
 This should be done regularly to control pest and reduce weed competition with crops for nutrients.

Application of fertilizer as a cultural practice in yam propagation:
Apply 200kg (four bags) of N.P.K. fertilizer per hectare three months after planting, by ring method.

Staking as a cultural practice in yam propagation of yam:
The yam should be staked with strong sticks or bamboo. It ensures adequate exposure of the leaf surface to sunlight and increases yield.

Training of vine through staking as a cultural practice in yam propagation:
 This is done regularly after staking to ensure even spreading and neatness of the vines to receive sunlight.

<h2>Maturity period of yam after planting:</h2>
Yam matures in 8-12 months after planting.

Harvesting process of yam
 Dig the soil gently with cutlass to remove tuber from the soil. Processing: Yam tubers are processed into yam powder or flour or consumed locally. Storage: Yam tubers are stored in barns. It can also be stored in form of yam flour and in dried peeled yam tubers.

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