types of hoe and functions of hoe

What is a hoe and the uses of a hoe. The hoe as a simple Farm tool consists of a metal blade which may either be round or slightly rectangular in shape with a wooden handle which can be either long or short

types of hoe

There are two types of major hoe used in Farm activity. These two types as follows

The west African hoe. This type of hoe has a short wooden handle and a round metal blade its metal blade is attached to the wooden handle with a strong prong.

West Indian hoe. The West Indian hoe is a type of hoe that has long wooden handle and a rectangular metal blade the metal blade has a long loop round in his handle

What are the similarities between the west African hoe and West Indian hoe

The similarities here on this brand of hoe, like the west African hoe and the west in Indian hoe is that both of them have metal blades

Blade of a west African hoe is attached to the wooden handle with the use of a prong
African who has a round metal blade
By naturally evaluating these two types of hoe one can see from the image below that the Indian who seems to be stronger in his terms that the metal blade has a round hole on it so it can not be easily broken except the wood gets broken but the west African hole can easily be broken because it has a thin Edge used to pierce the wood whereby is fixed for work

a hoe


functions and uses of the hoe

The hoe is used for land preparation during planting operations and as a local tillage method
The hoe is used as a local tillage implement for making ridges and heaps
It is also used for planting or transplanting some crops within the farm
The hoe is used for harvesting some crops like cocoyam
In most part of west Africa mostly in Nigeria where I leave the whole is used for weeding which have tested myself train as a farmer and ideas in school where we practice agricultural Farming so we’ll use it for weeding very simple it seems to be little faster when you are within within the crops in the farm. it seems be fatter than the use of cutlass

how to maintain a hoe

The maintenance of the of different types of hoe like cutlass as a simple Farm tool is not as difficult as it may sound but here in this article I’m going to list a few methods of how to preserve the hoe for long time use
Always make sure that the blade is sharp on all the time. When the blade of a hole is not blunt, it makes it simple and easier for you to use and so that power will not excessively applied to get the work done
The hoe should be kept always in a cool and dry place.
Remember to olive oil or Grease the metal blade before storage
You must always clean or wash the hoe before storage after use

Generally speaking there are types of hoe used for weeding activities, transplanting, digging and any other activity that the farm requires. it is a simple Farm tool that also serves all the same purpose like a class in miniature form
Thank you for taking your time to read this article on hoe as a simple Farm tools, its uses and functions in the farm. if you have any other comment please use our comment box below even if it’s a suggestion we’d be glad to reach you

As cited by Wikipedia,

There are two general types of hoe: draw hoes for shaping soil and scuffle hoes for weeding and aerating soil.

A draw hoe has a blade set at approximately a right angle to the shaft. The user chops into the ground and then pulls (draws) the blade towards them. Altering the angle of the handle can cause the hoe to dig deeper or more shallowly as the hoe is pulled. A draw hoe can easily be used to cultivate soil to a depth of several centimetres. A typical design of draw hoe, the “eye hoe”, has a ring in the head through which the handle is fitted. This design has been used since Roman times.

A scuffle hoe is used to scrape the surface of the soil, loosen the top few centimetres also known as tillage, and to cut the roots of, remove (pre-planting activities), and disrupt the growth of weeds efficiently. read more about weed control methods here. These are primarily of two different designs: the Dutch hoe and the hoop hoe.

The term “hand hoe” most commonly refers to any type of light-weight, short-handled hoe, although it may be used simply to contrast hand-held tools against animal or machine pulled tools.


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