The Importance and side effect of fertilizer application to crops on the farm

Fertilizers are chemical substances prepared using inorganic compound added to the soil for crops to increase their productivity. These are used by the farmers daily to increase the nutrient capacity of the soil to aid crop production

So fertilizer application involves the application of certain chemicals or substances into the soil to improve its fertility.
Even if the application of fertilizer helps to increase the soil fertility there are also side effect while using fertilizer to boost the fertility of the soil. 
So some of the effect of fertilizer application are listed below
1. The application of fertilizer on the farm affect the soil organic matter or humus
2. Another effect of fertilizer application is that it increases the porosity of the soil nearby increasing leaching
3. The application of fertilizer on the soil  Farmland deteriorates the structure of the soil.
4. The application of fertilizer supplements soil nutrient which is essential for crops growth
5. Although the productive capacity of the soil is enhanced by the application of fertilizer but care should be taken to avoid excessive use of fertilizers thereby destroying the humus capacity of the same soil sample
6. Fertilizer application can rapidly increase the population of microorganisms in the soil
7. Another effect of fertilizer application is that it is stimulate vegetative growth hence it reduces soil erosion
8. We can’t just jump off from this very word that excessive application of fertilizer can cause soil acidity which is not good for crop production
9. Wrong application method of fertilizer can affect the life of plant crops and animals
In conclusion there are multiple effect of fertilizer application therefore if you are a farmer anywhere in the world and you want to go to the market to buy fertilizer in order to boost your crop seeds from the farm please seek the advice of a professional in order not to destroy your family and buy the wrong use of fertilizer application
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