the uses of a rake as a simple Farm tool

what is a rake and the uses of rake in the farm

Rake is a simple Farm tool simple Farm tool that consist of a long wooden handle and a strong metal head with several stout prong as shown in the image below

uses and functions of a rake

Typical Rake is a simple Farm tool used for leveling and spreading of soil surface after hoeing
The rake is also used for the removal of stones and weed from seed bed
We also use the rake for covering vegetable seed when they are broadcast
We can also use the rake to break up soil lumps into finer particles

how to maintain the rake and keep it very soon for longer use

As a farmer you must make sure to clean or remove dirt after the use of a rake
Make sure that you as a farmer will store the Rake in a cool and dry place
Most times the rake may have an -iron handle or wooden handle, if it is iron handle then all you need to do is to always spoil the iron part of it.
The wooden handle of a rake should be kept out of the reach of termite
To prolong the lasting power of a rake then the Iron part or the metal part of it must be all all the time after use

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