What is Tapeworm and tapeworm infection. how to treat tapeworm infection. This is a long segmented flat worm which looks like the tape of the tailor. The parasite mainly affects pigs and cattle.

How does tapeworm infection work

The tapeworm possesses hooks and suckers in the scolex and these help to attach the parasite to its host while the suckers assist in feeding. FEEDS

In animals, the presence of tapeworm in tissues or organs could cause some physiological disorders, such as
anaemia, abdominal pains, weakness and loss of weight.

tapeworm infection
tapeworm endoparasites

how to control tapeworm infections

The parasite can be controlled by:

(i) maintaining good hygienic conditions

(ii) use of drugs (iii) proper cooking of meat before eating by man which serves as primary host. In a General sense, methods of controlling animal diseases Diseases can be:
(i) Prevention, and
(ii) Control.
(a) Prevention:
This involves the following practices:
(i) Good sanitation/hygiene
(b) Good feeding .
(c) Vaccination
(d) Quarantine (
e) Breeding
(f) Separation
(g) Rotational grazing.

(h) Control: This involves;
(i) Treatments
The use of drugs which may be in the form of powder, liquid or solids, given in water, feeds or as injections.
(ii) Destruction of diseased animals.

They are either burnt or buried.

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