what is black arm bacterial Blight of cotton, its effects

What is black arm bacterial Blight of cotton? black arm bacterial Blight of cotton is a bacterium caused infection of the cotton crop. 

The attack of the black arm disease occurs through the leaves and stems near the ground
causes seedling blight, leaf spot, blackarm on stem and petioles, black vein and boll rot. On cotyledons small, green, water-soaked rounded or irregular spots form which turn brown.  
 the black arm bacteria blight disease of cotton is one of the most devastating and dangerous disease that can affect cotton production all over the world
 it is so deadly that almost 40% of production capacity of cotton the world over are lost yearly to the disease

The transmission process of the black arm bacterial blight disease of cotton

Bacterial blight of cotton is a disease affecting the cotton plant resulting from infection by Xanthomonas axonopodis pathovar malvacearum a Gram negative, motile rod-shaped, non spore-forming bacterium with a single polar flagellum. This disease is transmitted through the leaves of cotton stems near the ground base of the cotton crop

What are the symptoms of the attack of the black arm bacterial disease of cotton

The attack of this disease can be identified through Angular spot-on leaves and the stems of cotton
Whenever the blight disease attacks the cotton you will discover that the bolls of the cotton will begin to rot
As a result of the attack of the black arm bacterial Blight of cotton you will discover exudate from affected leaves
Above all is that the black arm black disease causes retarded growth of the cotton crop and reduce Yield

What are the prevention and control measures of the black arm bacterial Blight of cotton?

The following are some of the ways in which we can prevent and control the effect and spread of the black bacteria arm Blight of cotton
1. Important to always practice crop rotation
2. You should uproot and burn infected of Cotton
3. When planting your cotton Farm or cotton plantation please use resistant varieties of cotton seed
4. Remove weeded vegetative debris in the farm.
5. do not plant new crops where previous infected plants were once growing. 
There are no recognized chemical treatments for black arm bacteria disease. Your best proven prevention and mechanical control of the bacteria blight is at the first sign of symptoms of bacterial infected leaf 
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