diseases caused by micro organisms like bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa

there are so many types of diseases that are caused by microorganisms in animals these diseases are harmful to the well-being of every animal.

so at this point we are going to look at animal diseases that are caused by viruses

List of animal diseases caused by virus

The following are types of diseases that affect animals caused by virus
These diseases include the following
1 poliomyelitis
2. Infective hepatitis
3. Measles
4 common cold
5. German measles
6. Influenza
7. Chicken pox
8. Smallpox
9. Yellow fever
10. Rabies
11. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS
12. Rinderpest
13. Foot and mouth disease
14. Newcastle disease

Diseases of plant caused by viruses

the following are list of plant diseases that are caused by virus and which include
1. Rosette disease of plant
2. Cassava mosaic disease
3. Maize streak
4. Cowpea mosaic disease
5. Yam mosaic disease
6. Leaf curl
7. Tristeza
8. Bunchy top disease and
9.  swollen shoot diseases of plant
These Are some of the diseases of plant caused by virus as listed above

Animal diseases caused by bacteria

the list below are some of the animal diseases that are caused by bacteria. they include the following
1. Tuberculosis
2. Leprosy
3. Tetanus
4. Typhoid fever
5. Dysentery
6. Cholera
7. Pneumonia
8. Anthrax
9. Diphtheria
10. Gonorrhea
11. Syphilis
12. Meningitis
13. Yaws
14. Contagious abortion and 
15. Whooping cough
the listed above are some of the diseases that are caused by bacterial infection on animals in the farm animals or animals in the wild

List of plant disease caused by bacteria infection

the following are some of the listed infections of diseases of plant caused by bacteria which include the following
 1.Leaf blight disease of cassava 
2. Black arm disease of cotton
3. Cassava wilt
4. Banana wilt disease
5. Tomato rot disease
6. Onion rot disease
7 galadima disease of crop
8. Bacterial fire blight disease
9.. yam tuber rot disease
the listed above are some of the diseases caused by bacteria on plant and farm crops

List of animal diseases caused by fungi

the following are some of the list of diseases that are caused by fungi on animals
1. Ringworm infection
2. Aspergillosis diseases
3. Athletic foot and thrush

Plant diseases caused by fungi

1. Maize smut disease
2. Blight disease of rice
3. Maize rust
4. Leaf spot disease
5 cocoa black pod diseases
6. Okra damping-off disease
7. Coffee leaf blight disease
8. Onion twister disease
9. Rice smut
10. Gummosis
11. Citrus scab disease of Orange
12. Panama disease
13. Sigatoka disease of crop
14. Black spot disease of cocoa
15. Blast disease of crop
16. Anthracnose disease
17. Freckle disease of crop

List of animal diseases caused by protozoa

The following are some animal diseases caused by protozoa which include the following
1. Malaria disease of Animal
2. Trypanosomiasis of poultry
3. Coccidiosis disease
4.  trichomoniasis
5. Red water diseases
I. Malaria fever or sickness is caused by plasmodium
ii. Trypanosomiasis is caused by trypanosome
iii. Coccidiosis is caused by Eimeria app
iv. Red water disease is caused by Babesia spp
many of the diseases of plant and animals caused by microorganisms that are listed above can be studied also in agricultural science.
you may equally find out that the names mentioned on this article may be a little different from what you heard during your study of agric science. these names of diseases that are different from each other from biology to a great day be as a result of botanical names being used in your previous lessons. 
therefore if you are confused of any of the names of diseases caused by protozoa, or the ones caused by fungi or viruses including bacteria, and you want to know more about them a free to reach me using my comment box below


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