general control measures of diseases of the crop plant

How to control diseases of crop plants, Diseases of crop plant can be controlled through cultural control methods, biological control and the chemical control method

Cultural method of control of crop plant disease involves the use of crop rotation,
 resistant varieties of crop,
 using the best tillage practices regular weeding of the farm practicing from fallowing
 timely planting 
best prunning processes
 uprooting any infected plant
 burning of infected crops to reduce the effect of crop diseases
Using chemical method to control disease effect of crops involves the use of chemicals such as fungicide, nematicides,
 insecticide to spray in places and where these insect pest hides
Biological control method of diseases of plant involves the use of natural enemies of a disease to reduce or totally eliminate it

Summary of general control measures of diseases of crops

1. The number one method of dealing with diseases of crops pathogens from being harbored in the farm is by regular weeding of the farm
2. Another effective way to checkmate the effect of diseases on crops on Farm is to always practice crop rotation system of farming
3. Remember to remove and burn off infected plant completely
4. Planting effective disease-resistant varieties of crops will also go a long way to checkmate the effect of diseases of crops if their resources to buy them are available
5. Make sure you use Healthy seed during planting operations
6. The practice of seed dressing using chemical before planting is important
7. Always spray your farm with plant protection chemicals such as fungicide  and insecticides
8. Make sure you plant your seeds in their right time and in their right season. meaning you must practice early planting where it matters most is
9. In a short always endeavour to spray with the right insecticide to kill all vectors that are capable of spreading the disease
10. Destruction of plant or crop residue after harvesting is important to avoid buildups of the pathogens that causes these diseases
11. Sterilization of the soil before planting is always useful as because it can destroy some of the pathogens that are in the soil that may invariably attack the crops after planting
12. Avoid Close planting that is practice real spacing of your crops to avoid the spread of diseases through wind, Water Splash and other method
13. Timely harvesting of crops is key in order to avoid the Seasons or period where the attacks diseases  on crops are prevalent


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