mould disease of stored produce

What is the mould disease?The

Mould disease is a disease of a fungus that attacks crops or produce that are stored in the storage facilities
It is a disease caused by a fungus
The mould disease of stored produce can distinctly destroyed a whole storage facility of goods under high humidity. 

Method of transmission of the mould disease

This disease works in a very cold environment,
 a place that is filled with much moisture and high humidity
The mos disease is transmitted through infected seed of fruit that are carried into the store for storage
Let\’s go on and look at the symptoms of the mould disease of stored produce

Symptoms of the mould disease of stored produce

1. You will notice black mould on seed and fruit stored in the storage facility if they are infected with black mould disease
2. Whenever the store of storage house is infected with black mould disease they will be pungent smell spreading around the warehouse or storage facility.
3. Any fruit or produce in the storehouse infected with the mood disease were turned sour when tasted
4. You will notice some level of Decay of seed and fruit in the store if the place is a high humidity and infected with the black mould disease

Prevention and control measures for The Spread and effect of the stored produce mould

The following are some of the ways to prevent and control the effect and damages caused by the stored produce mould disease
1. Proper drying of seed before storage is always advised
2. If you have access to facilities please you can always pray with the right fungicide even in the storage areas to kill off the fungus that causes black mould disease
3. Every storage facility built anywhere for storage of fruit and vegetables and seed should be prepared in a way that there will be low humidity
4. Check your produce most especially the seed and the fruit that you want to store and remove every contaminated seed before storage or else they in turn will contaminate other stored produce


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