job creation concept and agencies that creates job

JOB CREATION. Job creation is a deliberate efforts made by individuals, corporate bodies and government in generating employments of different types for the unemployed citizens in the economy.

understanding Job creation concept

Job creation can mobilize the right people; skills and process to help clients improve their performance. Job creation in Nigeria advices
the top management of companies and institutions on issue of strategy, performance, organization, manpower and operations.

Job creation is, no doubt, a pressing topic in Nigeria. It takes centre stage with policy makers at all levels of government as stakeholders struggle with the fact that despite several years of 7-8% annual growth, unemployment and underemployment remains high

Agencies Currently Supporting Job Creation in Nigeria

These agencies include:

  • The Nigerian Directorate of Employment (NDE).
  • State Employment and Expenditure for Results (SEEFOR) project.
  • Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity.
  • The National Planning Commission.
  • The World Bank.

Coordinators of Job Solutions or Creation in Nigeria

In search of job creation in Nigeria, the National Planning Commission, SEEFOR Stakeholders and the World bank recently met to discuss how the World Development Report of 2013 which focused on jobs would be relevant to the project and the wider jobs agenda in Nigeria.

Dr. Kathleen G Beegle, a co-author of the WDR 2013, presented key findings of relevance to Nigeria. He quotes as follows: “Job creation is fundamental for reducing poverty in Nigeria.

Forums like these are useful because they give stakeholders the opportunity to deliberately discuss government policies aimed at improving job opportunities in the country

Advantages of Job Creation

  •  Poverty Reduction: Access to job opportunity helps the government in reducing poverty of the people.

  • Reduction of Crime: Creation of jobs enables people to be engaged in meaning employment and this tends to reduce the rate of crime in the society.

  •  Improvement in the Status of Individuals: Job creation enables individuals to earn a living which tends to boost the economic status of many individuals.

  •  Income Generation: Engagement of individuals in productive activities help them to generate some kind of income or earnings.
  • It Aids Economic Growth: The growth of the economy is directly related to the number of people in a productive activities.
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