siting of school farm and road

SITING OF SCHOOL FARM AND CONSTRUCTION OF FARM ROAD. Outline the factors to be considered in siting a school farm.
 Enumerate the importance of school farm.  pre-planting and post-planting
Plan the construction of farm road. A farm is an area of land for growing crops and/or rearing of animals. The school farm is a place where students of agric acquire practical skills  and knowledge in     crop or animal production.  

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Site for a School Farm


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1. Nearness to the School
This will reduce time wasting in movement between the school and the farm by both students and teachers. It also reduces activities of thieves in the farm and makes it easy for the students to monitor their respective plots closely.

2. Good Access Roads
The, farm should be well linked with roads or paths to movement by students and teachers. It will also facilitate movement of farm inputs to the farm and the harvested pi (output) from the farm.

3. Topography (Slope of Land) and how it affects siting a school farm
The land should be flat or level to reduce erosion problem cost of farm operation. The slope of the land will determine
(i) The direction the beds or ridges should run; read more about tillage here.
(ii) The type of erosion  and erosion control measure to adopt on the farm

4. Nature of the soil
Good types of soil  are preferable for most crops and are easily drained. Fertile soil should be selected to reduce the cost of manuring and fertilizer application. Stony water-logged, and overused soils should be avoided


5. Source of Water can contribute to siting a school farm
The school farm should be located as close as possible, to a source of water supply. Water is needed for both compulsory and ple-mental irrigation on the farm, processing of some farm crops like melon, cleaning of body and tools after work and for drinking. check out this post on soil water conservation

6. Aspect
This refers to the appearance or look of the farm in relation to its situation. The site that is directly overshadowed by tall trees and buildings should be avoided when siting a school farm
here is my post on farm structures, check it out. This is because the shade will prevent crops from receiving the full solar radiation (read about farm power here) for development and yield. Full exposure is important for the crops to receive sunlight for photosynthesis.


Importance of school farm

more on importance of agriculture here as it has to do with siting a school farm
1. Source of income to school: Money is realized from the sale of farm products.  don’t forget to read importance of agriculture here
2. It is a place for learning: Students are taught practical skills and knowledge on crop and animal husbandry on the school farm
3.siting a school farm in the right place will serve as Centre of attraction to school visitors
4. It serves as a demonstration centre where farmers in the locality can learn modern farming practices

5. It also provides a forum for students group work and interaction which may not be possible in the classroom
6. Student and teachers of agriculture derive satisfaction from putting classroom knowledge into practice, as well as reaping what they sow. It gives them a sense of achievement
7. School farm can serve as a source of food for students

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 Construction of Farm Roads

Before embarking on land preparation for planting it is very important to first construct or mark out the roads on the farm. pre-planting activities is worth considering too
There should be a major path leading from the school to the farm. The farm should be divided into portions or plots with each plot linked and surrounded by paths. The paths should be linked to the main path. The whole farm should be surrounded by a path. All roads or paths on the farm should be constructed along level land in case of movement so great care should be be taken when siting a school farm

Roads on the farm enable the movement in and out, and round the farm. They help to prevent treading on seed-beds or crops so when siting a school farm you must have the general public in ming . how to construct a good nursery here

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