improve sandy soil nutrient

Methods to improve sandy soil for crop cultivation. Like what sandy soil is it is simply is simply a type of soil that is loosely packed together with high rates of leaching and heat loss and can easily be washed away by erosion

how to improve the nutrient capacity  of sandy soil

Sandy soil can be improved upon through the methods I am going to list it below
Planting of cover crops. If sandy soil is to be improved upon in a simple way and aid crop cultivation then the use of cover cropping is very necessary to improve the nutrient capacity of sandy soil
Application of compost manure. If the nutrient capacity of a sandy soil is to be improved upon to assist and facilitate the act of crop cultivation on that same piece of land then the use of compost manure helps to bind the sand particles together and also add humus which is nutrient to the soil

Application of farmyard manure. The use of farmyard manure to improve on the soil nutrient the use of this method to add nutrients to the soil known as sandy soil in order to improve on the soil capacity to produce good yield of crops this is where the application of farmyard manure is is very important as it hurt to add nutrients to the soil and also improve the soil structure
Mulching of the soil. How do we use motion to improve soil nutrient it is done in this way as in the mulching the soil. Mulching of the soil helps to prevent water loss through evaporation
Avoidance of bush burning. One of the main reasons that you should avoid Bush burning on a piece of land before cultivation is that it help to promote soil erosion

Economic importance of sandy soil

Sandy soil is not a waste even if it is not useful for planting or cultivation of crop.
The following under-listed are some of the importance of sandy soil
Sandy soil is very useful in the cultivation of crops such as cotton groundnut cassava
sandy soil is also useful in building construction especially in combination with cement and water in block moulding
In creating artificial beaches and tourism centre the use of sandy soil is very useful

In conclusion they use of sandy soil or its economic importance is not limited to the point I listed in this article. Despite the fact that sandy soil is not good for crop cultivation except its soil nutrient is improved upon it is also used for building construction

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