types of farm structures

types of farm structures. what are Farm structures, Apart from concrete buildings, there are several other structures on the farm. These structures could he of temporary or permanent nature. depending on their uses.
The following are the structures commonly found on the farm:
Storage structure
These are used for storing farm produce or different kinds.

They include:
Yam barn for storing yam tubers:
farm structuresThe yam barn as a type of farm structures, is constructed by fitting vertical poles into the ground. Horizontal poles are tied to the vertical poles are fitted to the horizontal poles to which the yam tubers are tied singly in a horizontal position.


These are tower-like structures usually built of aluminium and are used for storing dried grains like maize and sorghum (guinea corn).

These are structures used for storing unshelled maize on the farm.

Processing farm structures:

These are structures used for the processing of different kinds of produce on the farm. They include cassava mill, rice mill, abattoir (for slaughtering animals) milk pasteurizing shed (for sterilising fresh milk) fish/meal smoking or drying shed.

making Fence for farm structures

This is a structure constructed round the farm. Fence could be any of the following types:
1. Barbed wire fence
2. Hedge or live fence
3. Post and rail fence
4. Wire netting fence
5. Wall fence
6. Electric fence.

Fence serves several purposes on the farm. These include:

1. To protect the crops and animals.
2. To demarcate boundaries.
3. To prevent thieves from gaining easy access to the farm.
4. To improve the grazing habit of animals such as in rotational grazing.
5. To control animal breeding habit.
6. To reduce the spread of pests and disease organisms
7. To add beauty to the farm.

Gates and porter’s lodge:these are attached to the fence at the entrance into the farm. The gate is controlled by the mate-man who stays in the porter’s lodge. It is used to control movement In and out of the farm.

Gates are also found in animal pens and fenced paddocks. They are used to control the movement of the animals.

Other farm Structures include:

Roads, electricity generating plant. Bore- holes and dam for supplying water to the farm, spray races .mil dips for removing ecto or external parasites from animals crushes for restricting animal movement, manure pits and water tanks.

A11 these are collectively referred to as utility structures.

Maintenance of farm buildings and structures

Buildings and structures on the farm require adequate maintenance if they are to last for a long time and perform the functions they are meant for. Therefore, it is necessary

Concreting farm structures

The floors of buildings should be made of concrete to avoid cracking and wearing away. Concreted floors do not provide hideouts for rodents and other pests of farm produce.

Painting, Oiling or Greasing

The wooden parts of buildings and structures should be painted with anti-insects chemicals such as solignum to prevent them from being damaged
by termites and other insects.
Also, metal parts should be painted with anti-rust paint especially tanks and other materials used in storing water. Other metal materials that arc likely to become rusty after sometime should be painted with oil paint, oiled, or greased.


Wooden materials used in building and construction of farm structures should be seasoned, that is properly dried before beinu used. This will help to protect the wood from insect=pest damage and the possibility of the structure becoming slacked after some¬time.

Regular inspection and repairs

All farm structures should be checked frequently and age should be repaired without delay. The damaged parts of any building or structure should be-replaced new ones. Openings on the walls of building. should Be covered to prevent rodents from in them.


It is important to keep buildings and structures clean as this helps to prolong their lifespan. Water tanks should be cleaned always, abattoirs, milking sheds, processing structures and others need cleaning. Storage structures should be cleaned after the odd consignment has been removed before bringing in new ones.


The tops of farm buildings, should be properly roofed to make them rat proof. Asbestos, iron, or aluminium sheets should be used instead of thatched roofs. This helps to protect the buildings against too much sun, rainstorm, and rats.

Bracing of Walls

Wall and heavy roofs should be supported by pillars to make them strong and prevent them from collapsing.

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