What is the abscission and abscission layer?

What is the abscission layer? This is the thin layer of cells which exist at the base of the petiole and is formed at the end of the growing season which causes abscissions to take placeabscission

What is abscission? This is the separation of a leaf, flowers, seed or fruits from a stem

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Definition of abscission

1 : the act or process of cutting off : removal. the natural separation of flowers, fruit, or leaves from plants at a special separation layer.

The key difference between abscissions and senescence is that abscission is a fundamental process by which plants can shed their aerial organs such as a leaf, flower, fruit, seed, stem, or others from the parent plant while senescence is a biological ageing process in which cells irreversibly stop dividing and enter a state of permanent growth arrest without undergoing cell death.

Abscissions and senescence are two cellular processes. Abscission is the separation of plant parts, these can be crops too from the parent plant. on the other hand, Senescence is the cellular process in which cells show a permanent form of cell cycle arrest.

Abscission occurs after the formation of an abscissions area at the point of separation. Senescence occurs at organ level as well as organism level. In plants, abscissions allows shedding of senescent or physically damaged plant parts while senescence is important to increase fitness and survival.

In plants, abscission is the process of shedding old or unwanted organs such as leaves, flower, floral organs, and fruits

Abscissions means the act of cutting off. Abscission-s is a naturally occurring phenomenon which involves the separation of fruits, flowers or even leaves from plants