Rinderpest disease of animal, causes of rinderpest disease virus and it’s symptoms

What is rinderpest disease of animal?

What kinds of animals does this disease affect?

The rinderpest disease is a disease that affect cattle sheep and goat. Technically rinderpest is a contagious disease

Rinderpest was a disease which affect cloven-hoofed animals characterized by fever, necrotic stomatitis, gastroenteritis, lymphoid necrosis, and high mortality or death rate

Causes of rinderpest
Rinderpest, also known as cattle plague, is a contagious viral disease affecting cloven- hoofed animals mainly cattle and buffalo. 
Rinderpest is caused by a virus of the family Paramyxoviridae, genus Morbillivirus.

Symptoms of being depressed disease of farm  animals
  1. what are the symptoms of rinderpest disease of animal is high fever
  2. Difficulty in breathing
  3. Rinderpest causes loss of appetite and weight
  4. It causes blood stained diarrhoea
  5. High mortality rate

Method of transmission of rinderpest disease of cattle sheep and goat
  1. Rinderpest disease is contagious so transmission is by contact
  2. Contaminated food and can also cause rinderpest infection
How to control the spread of rinderpest disease
I know this disease has been declared extinct in the world but there are still pockets of the effect of rinderpest although not very popular around the globe
  1. regular vaccination of farm animals can help in reducing the effect of rinderpest
  2. Restriction of infected animals and their movement within the farm
  3. any infected animal with rinderpest can also be isolated

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