what is the cell theory and how to understand the cell theory

What is the cell Theory? When talking about the cell Theory what does it really mean we all know that the cell is the smallest living unit of a living organism and exist independently.



So naturally the cell Theory exist in the following form One of the main structural issues of the cell Theory is that the cell is the structural and functional unit of life what this implies is that without the cell there will be no life anywhere so it is said that the cell is the basic unit, a foundation of every life



The number four aspect of the cell theory that all living organisms are made up of cells. This very part of the cell Theory implies that every living organisms that ever existed on the earth is made up of cell. this organisms may be plants or animals microscopic or otherwise it it number three parts of the cell Theory is very simple. this theory states that all cells come from previously existing cells what this implies is that there is no new cell formed anywhere but that each cell that is seen on plant or animal comes from a previous existed cell.



The fourth part of the cell Theory is very simple this cell Theory states that there is no life apart from the life of cell that means cell is the definition of life, like I said earlier that a cell is capable of an independent life in The classification of cell states that all living things are the single cell which is in cellular or group of cells which is multicellular which means there are two types of cells unicellular cells or multicellular cells



It is worthy of note that the cell Theory is taken from pre-existed theories being put forward by a lot of scientist scientist like Robert Hooke an English scientist which could be seen as the father of cell he was the first human being to discover the Honeycomb structure of the cell in 19 in 1665. Another scientist that is worthy of mentioning when it comes to the the theory of cells is the French biologist in 1835 Felix Dujardin who discovered that cell was made up of living substance and he however named the living substances as protoplasm Ok now you understand the theory of the cell as put forward in this blog post and then you will also understand this part that the cell is very small and cannot be seen with the aid of naked eyes except with the use of a microscope and then why we say microscope we are talking about an instrument used in the laboratory to observe tiny structures of living organisms which cannot be seen or observed by the naked eye.



organisms which can only be seen with the aid of microscope are call microscopic organisms and so another words to observe the cell in its natural state you have to make use of the microscope



Don\’t forget that in this very website I have written articles about the cell Theory theories about living cells or the cell as a living organism have also articles on the classification of living organisms based on the number of cell, in that article I talked about the history of the cell as to how scientists came about sell those who discovered the theory of cell and I talk about multicellular organisms and unicellular organisms so if you have any question as to how this can be achieved or how this can be put into PDF feel free to reach me through my email


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