what is meiosis

What is meiosis? Meiosis can be defined as a two successive cell division with only one duplication of chromosomes. Four daughter cells are usually produced in meiosis.



So in other words meiosis is a reduction in cell division and the resulting four daughter cells are haploid. So talking about meiosis we are talking about a type of cell division whereby four daughter cells are produced but in this case only one of the chromosomes found in the parent is duplicated and found in a daughter cell.


Generally speaking meiosis takes place in reproductive cells that is at the ovules and pollen grains in plants ovaries and testes in animals. In animals meiosis occurs in the formation of gametes which are known as sex cells such as eggs and spermatozoa. In reproductive process is the process of gamete formation is called spermatogenesis, this process involved in the production of spermatozoa by the testes which is called spermatogenesis while that of the eggs or ova production by the ovaries is called oogenesis.



STAGES OF MEIOSIS Naturally meosis consist of two successive division and this division process is a call one first meiotic division and second meiotic division. 1. 1st meiotic division is a process when the parent cellss first split into two daughter cells 2. 2nd meiotic division is a process whereby the products of the first division That splitted into two are further subdivided into another two given birth to a total of four daughter cells. 1. First meiotic division also known as reduction division First meiotic division is further divided into five stages which are as follow Interphace. This stage of cell division in meiosis division known as interphase stage is usually known as the resting stage of the cell Prophase. The prophase division is divided into three parts we have the early prophase prophase 1 mid prophase 1 and late prophase 1. During the early prophase 1 stage the chromosomes contract becoming more clearly visible and the chromosomes shrinks. Mid prophase 1 the human organs chromosomes come together forming a bivalent cell. Late prophase. During this stage of mitotic division the cells or let\’s say each chromosome is seen to consist of a pair of chromatids. 3.


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