farm uses of a typical garden fork


The garden fork and its uses

What is a garden fork? a garden fork is usually a simple Farm tool that has four prong or teeth which taper to a point.



The prong of a garden fork is made of hard metal of about 20 cm long mounted on a long wooden handle of about 72 to 80cm long.

The major functions of a garden fork

One of the main functions of a garden fork is that it is used for turning manure during compost making in the farm
The garden fork is also a tool used for loosening the soil top for transplanting
Garden fork is a perfect tool as a farm implement used for loading manure
During loading of hail the garden fork is the best implement to use to load hay

how to maintain a garden fork

The application or applying of Grease to avoid rusting in the Iron surface of garden fork is very necessary
A typical garden fork should be cleaned after use
The garden fork should be stored in a dry and cool place to avoid rust
If you want to store the garden fork for a long period of time before using again please and I want to paint the metal parts before storage

In a nutshell the uses of garden fork can be more than I am listed on the very article so she have any other point or usefulness of a garden fork please reach out to our comment box and we’ll be glad to hear from you

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