Annual crops and list of annual crop

what are annual crops?

Annual crops are crops that completes their life’s cycle in one planting season or one year life span.
This class of crops usually grow in one year, grow and produce fruits in the same year are also harvested for consumption or for sale by the farmer.
So in reality, annual crops don’t live beyond one year before dying.

importance of annual crops

Annual crops are mainly food crops.
Annual crops can be cultivated through plantation farming or subsistence agriculture.
Annual crop provides income to farmers
Annual grain crops are used for feeding livestock animals

lists of annual crops

Guinea corn
Green vegetables

These set of crops called annual crop requires high annual rainfall for cultivation
Annual crops should be cultivated on well drained loamy soil for better yield
Farmers who are into continuous cropping system of farming should try as much as possible to make use of fertilizers to boast soil nutrient

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