POPULATION DISTRIBUTION AND  STRUCTURE. Population distribution refers to the ways in which the population of a given country is distributed into certain categories such as age, sex, occupation and geographical distribution

Age Distribution

Age distribution may be defined as the break down of the population of a country into age groups. Age distribution in economics is very important as it shows the usefulness of population and the supply of labour required in different sectors of the economy.

The population of a country can divided into the following three age go These are

  • 0-17 years
  • 18 -60 years.
  • 60 years and above

From the above classification, population within the age bracket 0-17 includes the infants, children, pupils in n primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

This age group is called dependent population because they are not economically productive as they cannot be employed in the market. They will need to depend on the groups for their needs.

If the population age group is very high, it has lots of economic implications such as putting more press’ the working class, low savings, provision of schools and other children goods and services.

The age group 18 – 60 years is referred to as the active population or population or labour force. This economic age bracket that are productive activities or employment,

they are the working population and themselves for substance, they are co called independent population. If, of people in this group is high, there will supply of labour and higher standard

The age group 60 years and above is old age. Just like the children (0-17years) they do not involve themselves in productive activities hence they are also class: dependent population.

In summary, the age distribution of any given population can be grouped as follows:

  •  0-17 years is children (Dependent population)
  • 18 – 60 years is adult (working population or labour force)
  • 60 years and above: Old age (dependent population)

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