agricultural raw materials

What are agricultural raw materials. Agricultural raw materials and processing. agricultural raw materials are processed by the farmer or directly by industries that will make use of these materials.
In Agricultural Science The branch or expect of agriculture that are mainly involved in the production of raw materials are Farmers which are farmers that are majorly into Crop Production. 
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agricultural raw materials

Here we will see list of agricultural products or materials that are produced by the farmer. The various agricultural raw materials and their uses are as follows
 Rubber tree
latex used for the production of rubber materials that are used in the home that we can see everywhere.
2.  This latex is gotten from the rubber tree by way of tapping the the tree  to put marks around the rubber tree and with the aid of a spout. It will be collected into a cup allowed to congeal  and then taken to factory for rubber production.
agricultural raw materials
3.  Cola nut
This is majorly used for drug production it has what we call caffeine in it that stimulates the body so it is used for possession of drugs.

4. Cashew nut as agricultural raw material

Which is chewed fresh.  cashew nut is a source of protein.
use for  production making local edible nuts called cashew nuts. Sometimes it can be  roasted or eaten raw.
6. Barley.
 used for making drinks and beverages locally or in the factory.

7.  Oil Palm raw material in agriculture

We can extract palm oil from this which is also used for making local pomade and soup.
 use in the Juice production For making juice
agricultural raw materials
10. Tangerine
For the production of soft drinks And Juices
11. Coffee
for making tea And beverages
12.  Cotton   read more on cotton here
 used for clothes production
13. Tomato
Process into paste.
 used for making soup and frying Foods at home.
14. Pepper
used as preservatives and precisely for making soups.
uses of  Cassava products
 used as cassava flour for making bread
uses of Groundnut raw material
We  processed into groundnut oil and also process into livestock feed
17. Timber
for furniture making Roofing of houses
 construction of bridges and major use in anything that has to do with house building.

uses of Coconuts raw material

Processed into animal feed 
coconut oil and can be eaten fresh.
These are little of all we have for the now. You can also add things like the fruit we chew raw
we have Cucumber use for juice production also Look ahead.
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