what are you doing it what is pyramid of energy within an ecosystem of food chain

What is pyramid of energy in an ecosystem or food web? The definition of pyramid of energy in an ecosystem What is pyramid of energy? Pyramid of energy in an ecosystem is defined as the amount of energy present in the living organisms at the different trophic levels of a food chain. In other words, the pyramid of energy represent a progressive decrease in energy from the first trophic level to the last trophic level in a food chain or food web. Just like the pyramid of number The Producers at the first trophic level contains most of the energy, these producers are grass mainly. The primary consumers within a food web have lesser energy while the secondary or tertiary consumers have the least energy. Just like pyramid of numbers the Producers as in the grass is found in an ecosystem of food chain from the base of the pyramid while the tertiary consumers EG Hawks, from the Apex energy therefore decreases from the base of the pyramid to the apex Thank you for coming to our website to read some of our articles feel free to explore some of the articles are by using our page gadget and don’t forget to leave your comment behind and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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