what is mode? advantages and disadvantages

what is mode? advantages and disadvantages of mode. It is most frequently occurring value in a distribution.

Definition of mode : The mode can be defined as the most frequency occurring number in a set of numbers or data. It tells us the observation which is most popular. It is most frequently occurring value in a distribution.

Suitability of mode for use in arithmetic

Mode is suitable for use when we have large array of numbers or want to find the number that appears most in a series of numbers.

The mode may not exist if no item or value repeats itself. Again, mode may not be unique more than one item repeats itself and such items have the same highest frequency.


how to calculate mode

The best and easiest way of calculating the mode of any distribution is to form frequency table for it.

Example 1

The marks scored by Economics students WAEC Examinations are as follows:

30, 25,60, 80, 60, 25, 80, 60, 40,. 60, 80, 30, 25. Calculate the mode


Step 1: Determine the lowest and the highest marks (i.e 25 and 80)

Step II: Arrange the numbers in ascending magnitude (i.e 25, 39, 40, 60, 80)

Step III: Prepare a frequency table (table 2.17)

Table 2.17: Frequency table of marks scored by economics students in WAEC Examination

Marks %2530406080

From the table (table 2.17), the highest frequency is 4 and this corresponds to a mark of 60. The mode is 60

Note: A set of values with two modes is called bi-modal but when they are more than two modes, the set is called multi-modal, while a set with only one mode  is called uni-modal.

Advantages of the mode

  1. mode is easy to determine
  2. It is easy to understand
  3. mode is not affected by extremes of values
  4. When data are not complete, mode cannot be difficult to estimate
  5. mode is very easy to compute



Disadvantages of mode accuracy

  1. It is not a very good measure of accuracy
  2. It is relevant in further statistical calculation
  3. It represents a very poor average
  4. It is difficult to calculate, especially when more than one mode or large numbers are involved.
  5. There may be uncertainty in the exact location
  6. Arrangement of data is always tedious
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