importance of soil living organisms

What are soil living organisms

Soil living organisms refers to plant and animals which inhabit the soil

The types of soil organisms present in the soil varies and depending on the type of soil that is questioned.. all these organisms that are present in the soil known as soil organisms off all living organisms or even the microscopic organisms that are present in the soil are useful to the growth of plant as some are beneficial some are not harmful

The most commonly found groups of soil organisms include bacteria fungi virus nematodes infect EG termite soldier ants millipede centipede earthworm snail Reptiles and Mammals EG rodent and rats

Importance of living organisms found in the soil to an agricultural farmer

what organisms are very useful in any way especially in soil formation and improving the soil for the growth of crops

Some of this effect of soil organisms to agriculture is listed in this way

1. Soil organisms help to improve soil structure in granulation
4 organisms like the earthworm and other living organisms present in the soil act act as a catalyst for aeration of the soil
Sometimes living organisms that are present in the soil like the earthworm act as decomposers. These groups of decomposers or living organisms found in the soil helps to improve soil percolation or drainage
Living most living present in the soil helps to decompose soil organic matter to form humus
living organisms like bacteria help to fix nutrients into the soil
One very good aspect of soil living organisms is that they help to increase the Colloidal Properties of the soil
some soil microorganisms produce acidic materials which helps to break down rocks weathering of rocks to form soil
Soy living organisms and Hans is the cation exchange capacity of the
Through burrowing of the soil by living organisms like earthworm the live host for crop root penetration
Soil living organisms increases the minerals and nutrients status of the soil
In most cases the soil organisms helps to stabilize soil pH through the increase in soil organic matter and buffering

These are some of the importance of soil living organism

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