internal and external factors affecting the growth of organisms

Factors affecting the growth of crops animals or plant There are several factors which affects the growth of organisms and its factors which are the group of organisms are grouped into two parts



1. One of the factors that affect the growth of organisms is known as external factors which include the availability of nutrients, humidity, light, temperature, PH and accumulation of metabolic products



2. The factor which affect the growth of organisms other plants or animals is known as internal Factor this factors which we call internal factors include the hormones 1. Availability of nutrient as a factor that affects the growth of organisms. All living things or living organisms require nutrient of food and water which are necessary for the normal growth and development of the body so in any case where this nutrient are not sufficient or unavailable it retard the growth of the organism in question



2. Humidity as a factor that affect the growth of organisms. In a nutshell all living things also require certain level of humidity to enable them grow too low or too high of it will affect growth for instance if if you plant a yam or a bean seed in a time where you have high rainfall, it is observed that the yam sett or growing parts will begin to rot because there is no enough sunlight to enable the crop to grow



3 . Light as a factor that affect the growth of organisms most plant require the presence of sunlight to enable them carry out work to call photosynthesis this photosynthesis is the making of food or food production of green plants so in a nutshell photosynthesis is a process whereby all green plants manufacture their own food using sunlight.



so from this photosynthesis and light as a source that they derive their energy and food and so will most animals bacteria and fungi can live in darkness and grow in their habitat


4. Temperature as a means or a factor that affects the growth of organisms now in a nutshell all metabolic processes are accelerated at a certain level of temperature and so too low or too high a temperature can adversely retired major processes within the body of an organism


5. The pH of the body is another major factor that affects the level of growth of an organism the pH of the fluid in contact with a cell has a profound effect on all its activities growth can be hampered as certain level of acidity or alkalinity



6. The accumulation of metabolic products. now this this Factor is very important because most metabolic products which accumulates within the body can affect growth, excessive accumulation is is is toxic or harmful to the body system and will eventually retired growth




7. Internal factors that affects the growth of organisms A. Hormones are one of the major factors that affect the growth of organisms when cricket look at hormones are internal and their factors which are known to affect the growth of plants and animals plant hormones which affect the growth of plants are auxins and gibberlins.



The auxins hormones is a type of hormone that helps to eliminate or promote cell elongation in stem and root.


They ghibellines as a type of hormone that affect internal growth of any organisms helps to promote cell elongation and bring about growth in the stem. In some animals hormones are secreted by endocrine glands the hormones mainly concerned with growth are secreted by anterior pituitary gland. the thyroid gland and the gonads.



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