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snail farming. What is a snail? Where can it be found? Types of snail . Importance of snail. Become a millionaire through snail farming
Before you rush me into enlisting what you require to make it big time through snail farming, in agricultural science, bear with me a little and let me take you through memory lane what and how I dabble into snail farming.

I remembered a few years ago in a town called Amai, not far away from Asaba the capital of Delta state, in Nigeria.This thing I’m talking about is around 1995 to 96. As children, we would go into the forest, infested with deadly wild animals to pick snails in the night, preferably midnight.

As teenagers, a few of us were just involved just for the meat and while a whole lot of others were in for the money through the sales of this snails. They take them to the market for sales. A good example of this group is my younger brother, Ebigide George Chucks.


You can check his profile here. Before I take you through snail farming processes, bear with me as I take through practical guide on how I became a success through snail farming. So let us take the first step which you should know first.

What is a Snail?

Snails belongs a group of invertebrates called Mouse. They mostly have shell and no backbone while a few species of Snail don’t have shell. Snails are land and water animal. All snail are not of the same size, and I can categorically tell you that there are more than 200 species, including land and water types. I know you are itching to know how to make a few million dollars doing snail farming, or your case is just to make a living through snail farming, don’t worry, just hang on as I drill you through this practical guide.

snail farming. transport system in molusc
transportation in lower organism

YOU CAN ALSO CHECK OUT OTHER CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN FARMING BY READING HERE So in this article I’m going to take you through how I became a success through snail farming. As long as there are different species of Snail, I am going to be concerned only about the giant African Land Snail called Archatina Snail, photo by George Fabian…. So where can we find this type of Snail? This type of Snail is majorly found in the rain forest belt of the West African coast.

It mostly lives in dampy areas, grasslands with a lot of thickets, ranging from the mangrove forest and river banks. In Nigeria, especially in the southern part, this type of is of two variety, the white shell and brownish type.

Note_if you are interested in snail farming to make a living but don’t know to get it done, don’t worry just contact me on my Google profile or Facebook pro Fabian George . You could be wondering who could be interested in eating Snail, but snail are one of the world’s Now that you have known what you are going into, let’s get started on how to become rich in one year of snail farming.

So here are a few things you will need to become a millionaire through snail farming.

  1. A plot of land or more depending on availability.
  2. Cocoayam seeds or tubers in large quantities
  3. Access to cassava peels
  4. Large quantities of water-leave seed or seedlings
  5. Large quantities of plantain suckers
  6. Vibrated blocks in many quantity as you can afford So here we go*

First clear the land or site you want to use, do the stumping properly

Plant the coco-yam you have scattered across the site, please do not give much spaces per plant
Plant the water-leave in between the coco-yams

Plant the plantain at least 50 suckered per plot

Arrange the blocks in this form all over the site
….. The block arrangements should be made many because this is where the snails will laying their eggs. After planting, which in all fairness you should do during the raining season for effective result.

Please allow at least a month interval before introducing the snails

You don’t need to buy feed or chemical as such it is a risk free investment. Your presence is always needed around the farm or better still look for nets and fence the place all around to prevent people from gaining direct access to the farm. You must make sure that the blocks are arranged in such away that the snails have a place to hide underneath or in-between during the day to avoid direct sun light.

The larger the farm and number of snail introduced the more your output. This method of snail farming is totally risk free.

Your extra feeds will be to look for cassava peels regularly and spread them across the farm.

Decayed organic wastes from homes can very useful as direct feeds. If the process is carefully followed you should begin to see returns within two to three months. If you have any questions about snail farming or something similar, please feel free to drop your comment below.

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