roles of government in agricultural development

roles of government in agricultural development. Government plays an important role in the development of agriculture in Nigeria. This roles of government in agricultural development has helped to solve the numerous problems which resulted in the poor development of agriculture which is a factor roles of government in agricultural development

The roles of government in agricultural production include

  1. Provision of credit facilities: The government, one the roles of government in agricultural development through its various agencies, has helped in the provision of credit facilities to farmers in the form of loans, credit and subsides. Agencies like Nigeria Agricultural and co-operative Nigeria (N.A.C.B), Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme (A.C.G.S), etc were established to give loans to farmers.

            Example of such programmes includes:

  • River Basin Development Authority (RBDA)
  • Green Revolution (GR)
  • Operation Feed the Nation (OFN)
  • Agricultural Development Projects(ADP)
  • Provision of farm input: Farm input like chemicals, farm tools and implements and fertilizers, improved seeds are not only provided by the government in sufficient quantities but are subsided to enable peasant farmers to buy and use them
  • Provision of basic amenities: In order to discourage the migration of able-bodies men and youths from rural to urban areas, the government has endeavored to provide basic amenities such as electricity, pipe-borne water and health care services in rural areas roles of government in agricultural development
  • Provision of efficient transportation network:  The government, through its agencies like Directorate for Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure (DFRRI), has helped in the construction of feeder roads in rural areas to east  transportation of produce from the farm or rural areas to urban centre

Provision of Pest and Diseases Control services: For farmers to produce foodstuffs in large quantities, the government makes provision  for drugs, chemical and vaccines which are used for pest and diseases control=== roles of government in agriculture

Provision of extension services: Extension services enable new ideas and innovations to get the rural farmers. Government has helped to employ qualified and experienced extension officers to person these roles problems of low agricultural productivity

  1. Provision of research finding: In order to improve the local varieties or breed of crops and animal respectively, the government also set up numerous research institutes to local crops and animals with a view to increase productivity.
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