general method of prevention, control of pest and diseases of crops

 generally speaking insect pest destroys crops in the field through their biting, chewing, boring, sucking and defoliation activities.

The attack of pest can also take place not just in the field but in the stored produce.
The attack of pest on crops on the farm may lead to reduction in viability of produce. Some of these pest are carriers of vectors of diseases
So at any time that pest attacks Farm it reduces the profit of farmers and then they also reduce the quality of product order in the store or in the field.
 they can also cause total death of crop plants
If they attack and damages caused by crop pest on the farm is this enormous and so let\’s go on and see some of the requirements, processes, prevention and control methods whereby a farmer can control the spread of pest on his farm.

How to control and prevent the spread of pest on the farm in general

There are so many ways to control the spread of pest, but in this article I am going to enumerate the general methods in controlling the spread of pest. So sit back and enjoy the ride with me
Pest of crops can be prevented or controlled through the following method, which are physical control method of pest. 
cultural control methods 

biological control method of pest and chemical control method

1. The physical control method of pest involves the physical removal of pest by hand-picking of insect and the lavae.
ii. By setting of trap on the farm to catch rodent pest
iii. We can also prevent the spread of pest physically by the use of gun
iv. Another critical method of physical control of pest on the farm is to fence around the farm with wire and net
2. The use of cultural methods to control the spread of pest involves the use of several Farm practices to prevent or control pest especially on the field. 
As a result of this, here\’s a few cultural method of controlling pest 
I. By practicing crop rotation we can control the spread of pest
ii. The use of pest resistant variety of crops to plant on the farm
iii. By applying the best tillage operations the spread of insect pest on the farm can be totally or at least dealt with in general
iv. By hand-picking and destruction of any insect pest found on the farm is an effective way to checkmate the spread of pest
V. The use of trap on the farm is a type of cultural method of pest control
vi. The Burning of residue of crops
vii. Timely planting of crops in season can also call the spread of pest
viii. Another typical cultural method of pest control is timely weeding of the farmfarm
So let\’s look into some of the biological method of pest control
1. Biological control method of pest and it spread is the introduction of the natural enemies of pest to control or keep the best population under
Such enemies that eat up or feed on this pest thereby reducing the population of the pest are widely advised to be used as a biological method of pest control
4. The use of chemical control method to control the spread of pest involve the use of chemicals called insecticide or pesticides to control pest of crop plants 
These chemicals are usually in the form of powder,
 granules and
 tablets which are used on the insect by various method like spraying or dustin seed or plant to check pest.

Examples of chemicals used to control pest are

1. Pesticides-  control of insect pest
2. insecticide – controlling insect
3. rodenticide – used in controlling rodent attack on crops
4. Avicides – chemicals used to control the spread of birds and  
5. nematicide- for controlling the spread of nematodes.
As a farmer or student of Agriculture, please keep in mind that the proper use and practice of the above-listed methods of pest control can go a long way in making sure that you maximise your crop production and profit margin
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