problems facing mining of minerals in Nigeria

problems facing mining (exploitation) of minerals in Nigeria. with so many types mineral resources scattered everywhere in Nigeria, and so much illegal mining activities littered across the country.

you then imagine the extent of damages done to citizen’s living condition.

so what are the types of minerals mined in Nigeria

minerals such as crude oil





Lime stone

Iron ore








problems facing mining industries in Nigeria

Inadequate capital: Fund is always inadequate for the exploration or mining of minerals in the country

Poor transportation network: Most of the areas where minerals are located are inaccessible by good roads and rail system

Use of outdated topographical maps: Most of the topographical maps used in exploring minerals in the country are outdated

Inadequate personnel: The technical personnel needed to explore minerals are not trained and they are grossly inadequate

Difficult terrain: Most of the miners experienced difficult terrain during the search for minerals and this eventually increases their operational cost

Fluctuations in world prices: There are fluctuations in world prices of most minerals and these discourage explorations

Constant conflicts: There is the problem of constant conflicts between the local people and the prospecting companies

Environmental pollution: There is massive environmental pollution of land, air, water and oil spillage in areas where mining occurs

High level of sabotage: There is the problem of high rate of sabotage by unpatriotic people in the mining areas

Poor management: Poor management is associated with exploration and mining of minerals in Nigeria.

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