Balance of payments deficit

Balance of payments deficit, Balance of payments deficit may be defined as a situation which occurs when the combined receipts on the current and long term capital accounts of a country are less than the corresponding payments. In other words, balance of payments deficit occurs when a country’s expenditure flows are more than the country’s income flows.

Types of balance of payments deficit

  • Temporary balance of payment deficit: This type of deficit, also called

short term deficit, is the type which can  easily be corrected or adjusted within a short term. They do not pose serious problems. They can be financed or paid for by the use of reserves or international borrowing.

  • Fundamental or chronic balance of payments deficit: This is also called long term deficit and this cannot be corrected or adjusted within a short term and it usually has adverse effect on the country’s reserves.

Causes of Balance of payments deficit

The causes of balance of payments in Nigeria for example include:

  • This makes Nigeria dependent on food
    imports and imported inputs for her agro-allied industries.
  • Low level of technological development
    makes the country a greater importer of advance technology.
  • Inadequacies in export promotion strategies: Export promotion strategies to encourage more earnings for the country are grossly inadequate.
  • Political instability: Political instability discourages export drive but encourages massive importation of goods and services.
  • This attitude encourages the government
    to engage in massive importation of all kinds of goods into the country.
  • This can go a long way to deplete the external reserves and use all earnings to settle external debts.
  • Existence of import-dependent industries: These industries reduce the country’s earnings as they demand for the scarce foreign exchange to enable them to procure machines and raw materials from abroad.
  • Poor social and economic infrastructure: Poor social and economic infrastructure contribute
    greatly to low capacity utilisation in the industrial sector e.g. bad roads, irregular supply of electricity, water and poor telecommunications
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