Types of animal hormone

Types of animal hormone and their general function Definition of hormones Hormones can be defined as chemical substances secreted by endocrine or ductless glands directly into the body circulatory system. Whenever the hormones are secreted by this endocrine glands the start operation or affecting chemical reactions when they reach the desired organ astypes of animal hormone


Hormone can also be known as chemical messengers within the body system

when mentioning types of animal hormone, you have to understand that They are not living things neither are they living cells.
The secretion of hormones in the body diffuses directly into the blood which carries them to all parts of the body including the organs and tissues they effect to control growth
glands that secretes hormones in the body of animal
animal hormones and organs

Animal hormones

are hormones that are found in animals mostly vertebrates. This endocrine glands found in most vertebrates types-of-animal-hormones-and-the-general-function-of-hormones are as follows

Types of gland in the body of animals that secrete hormones


There are so many types of animal hormones which are found in most vertebrates. These types-of-animal-hormones-and-the-general-function-of-hormones are as follows
Here is a small list of animals hormones

List of animal hormones

1. Somatotropin hormones of animal
2. Prolactin type of animal hormones
Oxytoxine type of animal hormones
5. Antiduretic hormone
10. progesterone hormones
12. Androsterone and
13. Glacogen hormones
These are some of the important animal hormones found in the body of animals.
If these are types of animal hormones, what then is the general function in the body knowing fully well that hormones are not living substances but are Chemical substances found in the body as types-of-animal-hormones-and-the-general-function-of-hormones
General functions of types of animal hormone
In this article I am not going to list the specific functions of these hormones but in a general sense the the hormones functions in the following categories as types-of-animal-hormones-and-the-general-function-of-hormones
1. Homeostasis functions of the hormone. Hormones help to regulate the composition of the internal environment of the body system of vertebrates.
2. The hormones also functions to control growth within the body of vertebrates or animals.
 animal Hormone helps to stimulate and controlled growth and many other activities of the body which progress between the organisms consciousness and thoughts.
3. Sexual maturity function of the hormone. Hormones help to maintain long-term control or process such as growth or development of characteristics of sexual maturity in types of animal hormone

4. Hormone in the body helps to control changes within the internal structures of the cell or cytoplasm

Hormonal actions are also largely responsible for the changes in a cells. This enables the absorption of food nutrients and the preparation of waste product for excretion from the body
5. Circulation of blood in the body. Hormones in the body partly regulate the circulation of blood
6. hormones Coordination of organs and their functions.
Hormones helps to coordinate the functions of organs of the body to meet certain specific conditions like when the adrenaline prepares the body to respond to danger signals.
There may be other functions of the animal hormones but but this was I listed in this article are just the general functions of hormones specific function of an individual hormone.
In my next article I will be treating the functions of the individual endocrine glands found in the body that secrete hormones. Follow me on this site as I bring you details or use the links up in this post for more details types of animal hormone
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