yam beetle pest of crops and it’s effect on yam production

What is yam beetle and how does it affect yam production

A typical yam beetle is an insect pest of crop that affect yam. The young beetle is an example of piercing and boring insect.
The yam beetle mostly affect yam that are already stored in the barn. These deadly pest of yam bore holes into the yam by eating the most important part and therefore creating black black spots inside the yam when cut open
Crops that are attacked by yam beetle
Yam beetle mostly attack tuber crops e.g. yam
Nature of damage and economic effect of yam beetle pest of crop on yam production
Yeah I am going to list a few things as in a few effects of the yam beetle pest as it affects yam production.
Some of these effects are as follows
1. The yam beetle have a boring and piercing mouthpart that is used to destroy the internal structure of a yam tuber
2. The yam tuber pest bore hole into the yam tuber and eat up The soft or the succulent part of the yam tuber
3. The attack of yam beetle pest of crops is it reduces yields of production
4. By the time the yam beetle pest was has eaten up the internal value and structure of the yam tuber, it automatically reduces the value and market quality of the yam itself
Prevention and control method of the spread of yam beetle
To control the spread of yam beetle and the harm they cause on the yams stored in the barn,
 The Following measures are advised
1. Every yam that is dug from the ground or harvested from the farm should be properly checked before storage
2. Before planting of yam sett, it must be dusted using Adrin dust before planting
This article is just a brief summary of the insect pest call yam beetle. the effect of this pest on yam production. nature and damages caused by this pest and then the prevention methods and how to control the spread of yam beetle
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