Effects of over-secretion and under secretion of testosterone hormone

What is testosterone hormone?

Testosterone hormone are hormones secreted by the testes gland located inside the scrotum of the male reproductive organs. 
This hormone is essential for the production of secondary sexual characters in males during puberty stages. So if this hormone Secretion is essential for reproduction, are there any effect of over secretion or under secretion of it? 
The ideal answer to the question above is simple, because too much of everything is bad and anything done below per is dangerous. 

testosterone hormone position
endocrine glands of the body

With the above statement of fact in mind let us consider the following
Effects of over-secretion of Testosterone hormone
I have seen an under aged boy with bears all over while I have done all humanly possible to grow beard but to avail. So here are the effects of over-secretion of Testosterone
1. Over secretion of testosterone results in the excessive development of secondary sexual characters and make organs
2. Over secretion of testosterone hormone can cause sex addiction in males due to abnormal sex urge
Now that we seen the effects of over-secretion let’s take a look at effects of under secretion too.
So what are the effects of under secretion of testosterone hormone?
Effects of under secretion of Testosterone hormone
1. Any time there is an under secretion of the testosterone hormone, it leads to underdevelopment if sexual organs
2. Under secretion can lead to low sex urge in male animals.

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