cocoa black pod disease, its effect on cocoa production

What is cocoa black pod disease? The cocoa black pod is a disease of the cocoa tree which affect the cocoa pod by putting black black spot around it.

 it is a fungal disease of the cocoa tree which is caused by a rain splash and insect
The cocoa black pod disease is caused by a fungus called phytophthora Palmivora.
The major symptoms of the attack or effect or infection of the cocoa black pod disease as follow, although it is very clear when you see a cocoa pod and spots around it but does it mean that every spot on the cocoa pod is the result of the Cocoa black pods disease?
So here are some of the symptoms of the effect of the cocoa black pod disease
The cultivation of cocoa is a major cash crop in in some west African countries and South America but I am going to dwell on the cocoa  cultivated in Nigeria in ondo state precisely where cocoa is planted in large scale.
The recognition of the presence of cocoa pod black disease is very easy when you are approaching a tree of cocoa that is infected by the disease
So here are

some of the ways we can recognize the attack of this disease

1. You will observe that any pod of cocoa that is infected by the disease will have brown spot on the pod which eventually turns black and causes  rot on the pod
2. In most cases this Attack of cocoa pod disease will cause the pod and entirely to turn black
3. Since the attack of this cocoa pod disease causes the pod to dry off and this eventually will lead to low cocoa production
The cocoa pod disease is one of the most dangerous disease that can affect any cocoa plantation because when it does affect the plantation, the Farmer is sure of losing at least half of his production capacity for that year except if properly checkmated using  some of my methods that I am going to list under this article

How to prevent and control the spread of cocoa pod disease

To effectively checkmate and prevent the spread of cocoa pod disease then the following measures should be adhered to
1. Regular weeding of the cocoa Farm can go a long way in preventing the spread of the disease
2. Always remember to spray your plantation with fungicides like the Bordeaux mixture for effective checkmating of the spread
3 . Avoid overcrowding of cocoa plant during planting process. give normal spaces  planting operations
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