Pests and diseases of cowpea

Pests and diseases of cowpea and their control methods The cowpea as a crop is just like soya beans. This type of crop known as cowpea is useful in many way to man and other farm animals. Cowpea is an example of a leguminous crop. It possess a taproot system Pest of Cowpea

Pod borers: Adults pierce or bore holes into fruits and stems and may inject toxic saliva. How to Control pod borers of cowpea: Spray with insecticide Bean beetle of cowpea (Callosobruchus spp): This is a field-to-store pest. Adults and nymphs of bean beetle of cowpea bore holes into seed, feed on them and turn them to powder, thereby reducing the quality and market value.

How to Control bean beetle Pests of cowpea:

one great Pests and diseases of cowpea is the bean beetle. the bean beetle attacks matured pods and so the following measures should be applied in tackling this menace (i) Early harvesting of the cowpea pods (ii) Fumigation of containers or store containing the cowpea bean with fumigant like phostoxin tablets Leaf Hoppers of cowpea: They eat up the leaves, thereby causing low yield of crops. How to Control leaf hoppers of cowpea: Spray plants with insecticides

Pests and diseases of cowpea and control methods

Cowpea mosaic disease: (1) Cowpea mosaic disease is a viral disease which is transmitted by aphid or thrip. It causes stunting, reduces pod size and cause premature dropping of flowers. How to Control Cowpea mosaic disease: (i) Use resistant varieties cowpea when planting (ii) Control insect vector by spraying with pesticides (iii) Remove and burn infected cowpea plants Bacterial blight: Bacterial blight is caused by a bacterium which is spread by water.

Infected leaves produce water-soaked spots which later enlarge and turn brown

How to Control Bacterial blight of cowpea :

bacteria blight is a type of Pests and diseases of cowpea and the following methods should be used to stop it\’s spread(i) Use resistant varieties (ii) Use clean seeds when planting Nematode disease of cowpea: Nematode disease of cowpea is caused by nematode transmitted through soil. It cause twisting, rolling of roots. How to Control Nematode disease of cowpea: (i) Use resistant varieties of cowpea (ii) Practice good cultural operations READ HERE (iii) Treat soil with nematicide

Damping-off disease: This disease is caused by a fungus (Phytophthora spp). It is transmitted through the hyphae in the soil. It results in the destruction of seedlings in the soil

HOW to Control Damping-off disease of cowpea:

(i) Dress seeds with fungicides (ii) Practice crop rotation (iii) Grow resistant varieties (iv) Remove infected plants Thank you for visiting us today. You can leave us a message if you have any

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