The rosette disease of groundnut and it\’s affect

What is the rosette disease of groundnut? rosette disease of groundnut is a disease caused by a virus.


Groundnut rosette virus is a peanut pathogenic virus found in some parts of Africa. It is transmitted between plants by insect pests, such as the groundnut aphid (Aphis craccivora)

What are the transmission method of the rosette disease of groundnut

This disease is transmitted through piercing and sucking insects like the aphid
THE important part played by insects in the transmission of the virus diseases of the groundnut plants is now evident, and experimental proof of transmission by particular insects has been found
Aphis craccivora, the known vector, transmits the virus by feeding on germinating groundnut seed

What are the economic effect of the rosette disease of groundnut on crop production

You will always find out that the yellow leaves with mosaic mottling is the effect of this disease
Another symptom of the attack of this disease of groundnut in stunted plant with curled leaves
Eventually through the attack of the rosette disease of groundnut, wilting and death of plant will occur
Another proof of the rosette disease of groundnut is the shortening of the internodes
These examples are some of the effect and how to recognize the presence of the rosette disease in groundnut plant and other leguminous crops in the farm

How to control the spread and attack of the rosette disease of groundnut

These attacks on the  groundnut or any other Legumes of crops can be dealt with through the following ways
1.  the early planting of crops can go a long way in curbing the disease of groundnut
2. It is always advised to use crop rotation in most cases where attacks of pest of crops are common on crops
3. Uproot and burn off any infected plants to avoid further transmission of the disease
4. One of the best ways to curb The Spread and prevent the effect of the rosette disease of groundnut is to always endeavour to plant your farm with the use of resistant varieties of the groundnut seed
5. Irrigate once to avoid prolonged mid season drought to prevent pre-harvest attacks
6. Irrigate plants frequently to reduce wilting of infected plants and allow them to reach maturity
7. eliminate weeds from the plantation 
These are some of the ways where we can stop the spread of the rosette disease of groundnut.
this disease is so deadly that it can it can adversely impact all the groundnut production and yearly return
It is very important to note that the rosette disease of groundnut is so prevalent in the sub-saharan African region where groundnut is widely cultivated
So to get the best yield from your groundnut production, you must make sure that you take into cognisance the effect and damages this deadly disease call rosette of groundnut
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