Thyroxine hormone effects

Thyroxine hormone. over-secretion and under-secretion of thyroxine hormones. Ever looked at most basketball players and asked, are these humans or they are simply imported from another world? Those tall guys you see or watch playing basketball are affected by the secretion of Thyroxine hormone.

First for the records, what are Thyroxine hormone?

Thyroxine hormones is a type of hormone secreted by the thyroid gland and it helps regulates rate of metabolism and also stimulates physical growth in young animals and humans.
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Now that is Thyroxine hormones, but what if the body malfunctions and over secretion takes place or there is an under secretion, what the possible effects?

Effects of over-secretion of Thyroxine hormone

Thyroxine hormone can be said to be over secreted if the following conditions are observed in the body
1. The over secretion of Thyroxine hormone causes hyperthyroidism which is a condition of increase in metabolism rate. This is the increase in the way the body system carries out internal activities in order to release energy.
2. Over activities or hyperactive is a definite effects of over-secretion of Thyroxine hormone.
3. Excess secretion of the Thyroxine hormone leads to excessive growth beyond the normal.
4. It also leads to loss of weight in animals
5. Over secretion of Thyroxine hormones can cause exothermic goitre also as enlarged thyroid gland
7. Enlarged eye balls is an effect of over secretion of Thyroxine hormones
So haven looked at the effect of over secretion of Thyroxine hormones, let’s take a look at the effects of under secretion of Thyroxine àlso.
Effects of under secretion of Thyroxine hormones in the body
1. One major sign of under secretion of Thyroxine hormones is that it leads to hypothyroidism which is a condition of decrease in metabolism rate of the body. This state of low Thyroxine hormones production in the body is also known as myxoedema
2.  An under secretion of Thyroxine can lead to mental and physical sluggishness
3. Whenever Thyroxine hormones is secreted and is under secreted, it ultimately lead to dwarfism or cretinism in infants (children)
4. One of the major causes of obesity or over weight is the under secretion of Thyroxine.
5. It causes low heartbeat rate
6. Under secretion of Thyroxine hormones can lead to formation of goitre, a type known as hyperplastic goitre.
The over secretion and under secretion of Thyroxine hormones plays a very important role in the development of the body system of animals. When you noticed any of those listed condition in an animal, then you are faced with hormone inbalance which is the result of malfunctioning of the Thyroid gland.

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