diseases of rice and pest of rice and their control method

Pest and diseases of rice and how to control disease and pest of rice in the store and farm

Pests of Rice
Birds: These pests feed on the grains, leading to low yield of rice
Control of bird pests of rice pest
Employ children to scare the bird your rice farm
Use scare crows in rice farm
Practice early harvesting of rice

Rodents pests of rice:
Cane rat and grass cutter cut the plants and seedlings on the field leading to great loss.

How to Control animal pests from attacking rice farm

Set or use traps
Fence the farm round
Rice Weevils: this is a store pest Adults and larvae bore into the grains and reduce them to powder.

How to Control diseases of rice

Fumigate store with phostox in tablets

Diseases of Rice

Rice Smut: It is caused by a fungus (Tilleria horrid) which is spread by wind. The grains turn into a mass of black spores

Control of rice smut disease

Use resistant varieties
Use recommended fungicides to spray the crops

Rice blight disease:
It is caused by a fungus (Piricularia oryzae) spread through the soil. Longitudinal red or yellow spots develop on the leaves, leading to poor yield.

Control of rice blight disease:

Avoid the use of heavy nitrogen fertilizer:
Use resistant varieties in other to cub rice blight disease
Use clean seeds anytime you are planting rice

Brown leaf spot of rice:

It is caused by a fungus. It causes small narrow brown spots which appear on the leaves.

How to Control rice brown leaf disease
Plant resistant varieties
Uproot and burn infected plants

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