The testes, hormones secreted by the testes, diseases of the testes, functions of the testes and location

The testes gland
What are the testes and where can we find The testes in the body?
The testes is a gland located somewhere around the tighs of male animals mostly mammals. The testes is one of the major organs of the body.
The testes gland is a part of the reproductive system of the human system.
the testes are responsible for making testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, and for producing sperm.
Within the testes are coiled masses of tubes called seminiferous tubules. These tubules are responsible for producing the sperm cells through a process called spermatogenesis.

testes hormones
the testes

Location of the testes in the body
Location can be found in the following place.
“They are located behind the penis in a pouch of skin called the scrotum. The testicles produce sperm and testosterone. The testicles are located outside the body because sperm develop best at a temperature several degrees cooler than normal internal body temperature”
It is very important to guard against in scrotum against damage this is because the scrotum is a delicate organ of the body. It has soft tissues and can burst or broken when pressed hard
Hormones that are Secreted by the testes within the scrotum
The question here is what type of hormones does the scrotum or testes secrete?
The testes are twin endocrine glands that release (testosterone), a hormone necessary for the normal development of male sex cells.
What are the functions of testis and testosterone
The following underlisted are some of the functions of the testes and testosterone
1. Stimulates the appearance of secondary sexual characters in males at puberty stage. The effect of this is seen in the pubic hairs, beards, mustache, cheek muscles and deep voice
2. The testes stimulates the production of spermatozoa.
3. It also stimulates the development of sexual organs which in this case is the male sexual organ.
What are the effect of a malfunctioned testes
Any injury to the testes or testicles can cause severe pain, bruising, and/or swelling. In most cases, the testes — which are made of a spongy material — can absorb the shock of an injury without serious damage.
Some diseases of the testes and testicles
Epididymitis. Epididymitis is inflammation or infection of the epididymis, which is the long tube that rests along the testicles. …
Hydrocele. …
Testicular torsion. …
Varicocele. …
Hypogonadism. …
Orchitis. …
Spermatocele. …
Testicular pain.
Testicular cancer occurs in the testicles (testes), which are located inside the scrotum, a loose bag of skin underneath the penis.
When this occurs, it is very delicate and dangerous due to the fact that the scrotum is a sensitive and delicate soft tissue.

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