pest and diseases of yam and their control method

Pests and diseases of yam and their control methods

Pests of Yam
Yam tuber pests makes holes on tubers, resulting in low tuber marketability.

How to Control the spread of yam pest: 
Apply insecticide like BHC at planting to avoid disease spreading around
Dust yam sett with aldrin dust
Practice crop rotation to control disease spread

Yam shoot beetles: 
Young larvae cluster on vine tips. Adult feed on yam leaves and cause vine to die or defoliate. 
How to Control spread of yam diseases
Spray yam plant with insecticides e.g. BHC
By hand picking
Dust with chemical like Agrocide 3 powder.

How to control rodent pests of yam
Rodents: Rats and rabbits eat up tubers
Control: Set traps to catch the rodents.
How to control Diseases of Yam like yam mosaic disease and yam rot disease

Yam mosaic disease: 

It is caused by a virus which is transmitted by a piercing and sucking insect. 

Symptoms: Symptoms include a mosaic pattern and chlorosis of leaves. It cause stunting of affected plant.

Control of yam diseases
Grow resistant varieties
Spray with insecticides

 Causes of Yam rot:

 It is caused by bacteria which are spread by splashes of rain and insects.
Symptoms: Liquid oozes out from infected tuber. White – brown liquid emits with pungent odour.

Destroy all affected yam
Apply aldrin dust
Practice crop rotation

how to control the spread of yam leaf spot disease
Yam leaf spot:
It is caused by a fungus (Cercospora spp) which is spread by wind.
  Symptoms of yam leaf spot:
 Symptoms include dead spots on the leaves 

How to Control the spread of yam leaf spot:
 Spray yam plants with appropriate fungicides. 

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