cassava mosaic virus disease

What is cassava mosaic virus disease? Cassava mosaic disease as the name implies is a disease of the cassava specie. The Mosaic disease of cassava is an important disease that affect the overall cassava production in sub-saharan Africa and South America

The cassava mosaic is caused by virus been carried out about by a vector known as white-flies
The white-fly that causes the cassava mosaic disease is a piercing and sucking insect pest of crop
Apart from affecting the leaves of cassava this disease can also affect plant cuttings.
The cassava mosaic is transmitted from one plant to another through Piercing and sucking mouth part of the white-fly known as bemisia-  nigerensis

Symptoms and the economic importance or effect of the attack of the cassava mosaic disease

When the attack of the cassava mosaic disease occurs on plant like cassava it leaves a lot of untold characters behind and one of such characteristics of the effect of the cassava mosaic is the yellow leaves of the cassava that start mottling
Another way to recognize the presence of this disease is that you will see the Mosaic pattern drawn on leaves
the Stem and the leaf will begin to be distorted which eventually will lead to stunted growth. At this stage of infection of the Mosaic disease on cassava tree there will be lost of greenish and the stomata of the leaf  this then lead to inability of the cassava plant to carry out photosynthesis in the right capacity
Eventually the affected cassava will then die off and the Farmer will lose his investment for the year due to low yield of the crop

How to prevent and control the spread of the cassava mosaic disease

Knowing fully well that this disease is caused by a virus carried about by the white-fly which has a piercing and sucking mouth-parts, it is important to follow the following requirement and procedures in trying to curb the infection of the Mosaic disease
So I am going to underlist several ways to stop the spread of the Mosaic virus disease of cassava

Follow these method to stop the spread of cassava virus mosaic disease

1. To effectively stop the spread of this disease is advice that you use resistant varieties of cassava to plant your farm
2. At any time you discover a corn plant or cassava having the symptoms of cassava mosaic disease please or put that plant and burn the affected specially
3. . Do remember that in most cases where the spread is prevalent in an area, it is advised that we spray with insecticides to kill the vector which carry the disease and to quickly seek the assistance of extension workers around the farming community
4. This aspect of prevention and control method is probably a pre-planting operation which should be carried out by neutralizing any stem of cassava before planting with the use of chemicals to kill of the disease
5. Consistent weeding of the farm is always very important to checkmate the spread of the cassava mosaic disease caused by a virus carried about by vector known as white-fly
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