soil air and the importance

What are soil air and the importance of air to agricultural products? What is soil gas? The term is used for a reference to the gases or air present in the soil pores found between the soil particles of any given sample of soil

what is soil air?

The amount of air present in the soil varies depending on the amount of soil water and the sizes of the soil particles, the type of soil and the number of living organisms in the soil that helps to dampen the soil structure thereby creating humus in the soil

The total and normal percentage of air that is supposed to be found in the soil that we can assume is the Optimum point is supposed to be 25% of the volume of the soil itself and so the ability of air to circulate freely in the soil is called soil aeration

 the effect or importance of soil air and farming

The under-listed points are some of few of the importance of air

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soil Air

1. air especially oxygen is necessary for the growth and development of plants
The presence of oxygen in the soil promotes easy germination of seed this is because oxygen constitutes 23% of the atmospheric air.
Soil organisms present in the soil also require respiration as a result without much of the Pores of soil also known as spaces between the soil particles it is not much to retain.

it is a hazard for soil organisms like rodent that lives underground to be able to breathe properly
Some plant diseases or disease organisms such as fusarium which causes damping off are favoured by Poor aeration
Most often air is needed for reaction, particularly carbon and nitrogen cycle

In conclusion, the importance of air and there is so much more that the lack of it…What I actually mean by this grammar is this that’s is that soil and soil water is very very important to the growth of crops in the farm

composition of air in the soil

The air in the soil contains a number of gases. of which oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapour are most useful to the farmer. The composition is more or less similar to that of the atmospheric air except for the content of carbon dioxide which is several times higher. The soil fauna and flora consume oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. Organic matter addition and cropping increase the level of Carbon dioxide in the soil.

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