the use of pesticide on the farm and its side effects

No matter how good a thing is, there are always a side effect to the use of it, if it is used wrongly or excessively.

What are pesticides?
Pesticides are chemical substances which are used to destroy or kill pest on the farm.
Effect of the application of pesticides on Farm
1. When A farmer wants to use pesticides on the farm please care should be taken because the application of pesticide can cause pollution of the environment
2. Whatever types of pesticide or herbicide that you want to apply on your farm please take note that the effect of fertilizers and pesticide application destroys other useful plants and animal within the ecosystem
3. Excessive use of pesticide on the farm may destroy useful crop plants
4. The application of pesticides or herbicides can be used to decrease the population of targeted insect or plants
5. Please seek the advice of a professional each time you want to apply pesticides on your farm because pesticides may leave undesirable residue in the environment
6. When  pesticide or herbicide are applied on the farm, the chemicals or residues can be washed into Rivers or lakes, thereby causing pollution and killing fishes or aquatic life
7. So whenever you want to apply pesticides or herbicides on your farm please take note that the expertise of extension workers is very very useful so as to avoid causing harm to the environment or ecosystem
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