what are the effect of overgrazing on agricultural production?

What is overgrazing?

A very simple definition of overgrazing that overgrazing is a situation where more animal that can be supported on a particular pasture ground are put there to graze on it
Most times overgrazing occurs when there is an exceeding carrying capacity of the soil. 
We can define overgrazing as a situation where the amount of grasses or weed found in an environment cannot support the total number of animals feeding on it.

In a situation where there is an overgrazing within a given square kilometre of land, what is the effect economically agriculturally on production?

The effects of overgrazing are listed below
1. Overgrazing removes the vegetative cover of The Sun resulting in high exposure of the soil to direct sunlight
2. Another effect of overgrazing is that it exposes the soil to direct gully erosion and sheet erosion
3. Overgrazing causes poor growth of crops plants and then regenerative capacity of crops are also reduced
4. Another important effect of overgrazing is at during grazing hours faeces are dropped within the land which could improve the fertility of the soil
5. One of the effect of overgrazing on a particular piece of land is that weed can easily be eradicated from such lands through grazing
6. Overgrazing destroys soil structure
7. Overgrazing exposes the topmost soil to soil erosion including erosion
8. Take note that overgrazing lead to component of the soil resulting from continuous sampling by animals hoofs
9. Overgrazing to be precise exposes the soil to hit which can easily draw the top most soil making the sprouting of crops difficult
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